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    Director of Urban Planning and Procurement sought by Baylands Development Inc. San Francisco, CA JOB DUTIES:
    • 1. Research and evaluate all applicable legal and planning regulations in order to delineate all documentation conforming to applicable codes along the entitlement process.
    • 2. Lead the overall procurement management of the Company’s urban planning project and advise throughout the urban planning and entitlement process.
    • 3. Advise and participate on City and Community meetings and meet with City planning and development officials as needed to facilitate the presentation and coordination of the project with the local government, general public and community.
    • 4. Supervise, evaluate and articulate all official documentation, including submittals, contracts, plans, construction documents, requests for Information, requests for proposals, change orders and others to ensure its accuracy, validity and ensure it is conforming with all applicable regulations.
    • 5. Interpret maps, plans, zoning and building codes, diagrams and graphic information of the local planning policy as applicable to the development project.
    • 6. Coordinate with the Design, Development, and Construction teams at Baylands Development Inc., to collaborate and find the best approach to excel in the completion of the project.
    • 7. Supervise the strategic planning and budget preparation and produce project status reports as well as evaluate design and construction contracts and invoices.
    • 8. Conduct on‐site meetings with architects, Urban and Development City officials, community, construction leaders, design consultants, government agencies officials and inspectors as necessary to facilitate the timely and correct execution of the project.
    • 9. Conduct field visits and inspections to analyze the development and prepare progress reports; including on‐site related activity such as site survey to secure that vertical and horizontal construction is conforming to design and planning.
    • 10. Examine site plans and architecture drawings submitted by Architects, design consultants and General Contractors to secure compatibility with the current applicable planning and development codes, land use regulations, project’s PLA (Project Labor agreement) and local planning policy.
    • 11. Analyze proposed urban planning maps to evaluate all factors related to development including but not limited to traffic, environmental, land use, and economic development.
    • 12. Coordinate with all consultants including but not limited to urban planning, architecture design, landscaping design, environmental, traffic, land use and legal, to identify, organize and control scope of work.
    MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in Urban Planning, Real Estate, Public Administration, or MBA, plus five (5) years of experience in management for planning, development, and construction projects. Three (3) years of experience must include coordinating teams of architects / consultants / engineers / contractors / vendors on planning, development, or construction projects. *Specific skills: Position also requires experience in:
    • 1. Directing the overall planning, procurement and cost control strategy for large scale residential, hotel and mixed use development projects.
    • 2. Coordinating the planning, architectural design, project management and construction for the development of residential, retail, and mixed use projects.
    • 3. Strategic planning and design for hotels and mixed use developments, executing financial and architectural feasibility studies.
    • 4. Cost management of large scale development projects, including the preparation of cost models, cashflows, construction costs estimates, take offs, pro-formas, budgeting, and project evaluations.
    • 5. Leading real estate acquisitions and agreement negotiations in compliance with zoning codes, land use regulations and market analysis.
    • 6. Providing architectural & master planning advice on development projects, including proposing the strategic planning and implementation plan.
    • 7. Preparation of design, cost and financial feasibility evaluations for senior management.
    • 8. Evaluating urban planning, zoning, land use, environmental and local policy regulations, as well as applicable construction codes for development projects.
    • 9. Experience in the urban planning and entitlement process and development regulations in California, including local permits.
    • 10. Requires proficiency with AutoCAD, Procore, Excel, and Microsoft Word.
    *Any level of experience in the specific skills is acceptable. Send resume to: Michael Ho / Re: Director of Urban Planning and Procurement, 150 Executive Park Blvd., Suite 4000, CA 94134